"Being a photographer is awesome". Says Matt. "You get to meet amazing people and find out about what they love, create and value in this world. Someone once told me that you should look to 'create a treasure for people' and that is my aim for every shoot.
My tag line is 'developing your vision' and I believe that through collaboration
comes great creativity, It would be great to hear your photography ideas, and if I can help you realise them that would be even better.

Matt ahrquail self portrait

As a photographer I have over 5 years of professional photography experience, over 10 years photographing, attended over 150 weddings, taken numerous commissioned, family and individual portraits, worked with Magazines, awesome businesses, stunning creatures, covered london fashion week and even photographed housing estates.

My approach is professional sharp engaging photography with beautiful client focused lighting and as much creativity as I can muster. My favourite photographer of all time is Man Ray, and I like to make thought provoking self portraits.

As a person, I enjoy running and cycling. I Love cars, bikes, anything mechanical, and pottering in my darkroom.

My main goal in life is to help as many people as I can, build a beautiful business, and keep traditional techniques and values alive!