My friends are people with something to say, they may run a fantastic business or create something unique & beautiful, but the main thing that gets me interested is that they are great people first, & I believe in giving them a shout out!


Larry and his team at are a fantastic web design company based in the centre of Tunbridge wells. Their websites are stunning and are key in helping people get more business.

A formidable person in the community, Larry helps local schools to make their websites do more, and sponsors tunbridge wells football club too!



Hannah @
Hanna and her team at kudos, create a beautiful advertising lead magazine for the Tunbridge wells area. It's fresh, unique and has the perfect balance of content to advertising so both really stand out. I'm proud to be part of this awesome team and so grateful to be able to create beautiful images for them.




Champions BNI @ is an awesome weekly business breakfast meeting that I attend in Crowborough. It's based on referral generation as opposed to networking. Our group of around 20 members love finding business for each other, and they certainly brighten up my Wednesday morning!

Because we base our membership on referred business it's also a sure way of finding a tried & trusted local business or trade, with anything from a chartered financial planner to sewage systems we can help with what you are looking for.
We love having visitors too, so if you fancy finding out what it's all about get in touch!



Crowborough Jitsu club
A passion of mine since I was a wee lad Jitsu, for me is the ultimate defensive martial art. It helped me build my confidence through my early years and today it empowers young children and adults, techniques to handle confrontations and build their confidence too. It's a non profit organisation too, the instructors take no wages and volunteer their time each week so everything gets pumped back into our club.





Victoria @ is a talented illustrative artist based in Eastbourne, she creates wonderful dream like illustrations which are certain to inspire. She also illustrates children's books and is open to commissions too!





Matt @ Madison

All round awesome person Matt, is certainly someone who is creative and a great business man.
His team at Madison solutions based on the south coast in Seaford create engaging websites in the manufacturing industry that are sure to wow your potential & existing clients.




Katie tiffin, @ KTillustrations 

Katie creates beautiful art works created from paper. Butterflies pinned inside a frame in spirals,

roses made from music note paper, and 3D stars for Christmas decorations are just some of her
many paper craft talents, well worth a look!




Gavin @

Gavin is the owner of the stunning wing gallery in wadhurst. When you enter the gallery you feel that the individual pieces of art have been hand picked to work as one beautiful exhibition, and with nthemed exhibitions held by Kay, this is one local gallery who really values it's contributing artists.


Andy @
Andy is an osteopath based in Lye Green near Crowborough. I can thank Andy for introducing me to BNI. Without that introduction, I probably wouldn't be where I am today! Andy's talents as an osteopath are pretty impressive, he has cured reoccurring headaches and reset my body time after time, after intense Jitsu sessions. He works with newborns right up to the older generations and has
testimonials which are the envy of many. So if your back or joints ache go see Andy!



Rebecca @
Rebecca is the creative heart behind the ever popular Eliza Joan. She hand crafts the most beautiful and intricate pieces of crochet jewellery and neck pieces around! Having known Rebecca since my art foundation it's has a been a joy to see her business grow and party along the way!